ONE   Each year, we raise money for a different, chosen few organizations, various non-profits and government agencies that are working to solve our crisis of biodiversity.  We raise money and give it away on an annual cycle and our membership determines the percentage of our Program funds at year's end that goes to any of these chosen agencies.  Each year, we begin anew.  

TWO   To accomplish this, we are building a directory of such organizations.  We provide free access to this ever-expanding directory on our website, so that any visitor can quickly link to these other organizations' websites to learn more about what they do.  We encourage you to support these other organizations with your donations and your volunteer energies.

THREE   We allocate 15% of every member's gift to our endowment, building an ever-growing revenue stream to support this annual giving, and so we are the First National Endowment for Biodiversity.


What's New?

Endow-Bio, Inc. offers new ideas, a new ultra-democratic structure for philanthropy.  Endow-Bio offers everyone, including you, the opportunity to participate in a new cultural element that is based on cooperation and generosity, rather than on competition and greed.  Browse the list of recommended organizations to find groups of like-minded individuals working to maintain the biodiversity of our planet.

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