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Each year, the board of directors of Endow-Bio, with the input of our advisory council, selects a group of organizations and then raises money to help these selected organizations further particular projects.  We raise money all year, using 70% of every member's donation to build our Program funds, and this pool of money is divided among these chosen organizations at the end of each year.

What makes Endow-Bio unique is that it is our members who decide what percentage of our total Program funds on December 31 that each of these organizations will receive.  The essential right of membership is this right to vote, allocating a total of 100 percentage points to the various organizations on our ballot.  Membership is by calendar year.  The ballot of chosen organizations changes every year.  We expect to further the good works of hundreds of organizations this way, over time.  We support only tax-deductible charities and government agencies operating in the United States.

In 2023 Endow-Bio is raising funds for the following organizations. Join now and be a part of the process.

Organization State Organization Type Project Category